Hosting With SiteGround video course

SiteGround is a website hosting company that has become well known for they quality WordPress Hosting. In this tutorial series I'll introduce SiteGround and sho

Hosting With SiteGround
  • 01
    WordPress, Website Hosting
    This a quick introduction to SiteGround as a website hosting company and a few reasons why they are a great WordPress Host.If you are going to use WordPress to run your website then SiteGround is definitely worth looking into.
  • 02
    WordPress, Joomla, Create a Website, Domain, Website Hosting
    In this tutorial I'll go through the process of signup up for a Website Hosting Account with SiteGround, I'll cover each step in detail.
  • 03
    Create a Website, Website Hosting, SiteGround
    Once you have a hosting account with SiteGround the first thing you need to know how to do is to Login to your SiteGround Account. Now this is very easy however if you are completely new to making a website then this tutorial might help you.
  • 04
    Domain, Website Hosting, SiteGround
    In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own email accounts with SiteGround and also how you can set up an email client like the Windows 10 Mail App to send and receive your emails.
  • 05
    Website Hosting, SiteGround
    In this tutorial I'll give you a quick explanation of what email forwarders are and why you might use them, I'll then show you how to configure those with SiteGround.
  • 06
    Website Hosting, SiteGround
    Email Autoresponders are used to send an automated reply to anyone that emails you. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can create an Email Autoresponder with your SiteGround Hosting account.
  • 07
    More tutorials for SiteGround Hosting are being made. If there are any specific tutorials you would like to see for SIteGround please use the contact form from the menu and let me know.

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