Simple Business Website video course

In this series I'll show you how to quickly create a simple website for a Business using WordPress. Think of it like an advanced online Business Card.

Simple Business Website
  • 01
    WordPress, Create a Website, Planning
    Here's an introduction to this series, how to make a small business website. This video will also show you what the end product of this tutorial series looks like
  • 02
    WordPress, Create a Website, Domain, Website Hosting
    To create your website you will need a domain name and a website hosting account. In this tutorial we will cover signing up for both of those with SiteGround. SiteGround truly is a great hosting company and I personally use and recommend them.
  • 03
    Website Hosting
    After you have signed up for hosting with SiteGround there are a few important things you need to do to initially set up your account. There are some emails we need to attend too, then we need to perform the initial website setup from our SiteGround account, this is easy and installs WordPress for us to get the ball rolling.
  • 04
    WordPress, Create a Website
    With our SiteGround hosting account now setup, we are ready to login to WordPress and start creating our website. SiteGround has created a helpful stater Wizard that will jumpstart our WordPress website.
  • 05
    WordPress, SEO, OnPage SEO
    WordPress is now set up and running, we should configure some initial settings and do some starter SEO stuff. The SiteGround wizard has installed a handful of plugins for us, one of those is an SEO Plugin called Yoast SEO, let's configure that also.
  • 06
    WordPress, Create a Website
    In this tutorial we will start customizing our website, we will work from the top of the page down so the first thing we want to customize is the Header/Nav bar.
  • 07
    WordPress, Create a Website
    We have a plugin installed called Elementor which will be used to control the the content on our pages. Elementor is great and makes this process easy, in this tutorial we will be customizing the HomePage to suit us.
  • 08
    For the HomePage we have customized the Header/Nav bar and the content on the page, now it's time to finish it off and customize the footer.
  • 09
    I have shown you how to customize the HomePage, however that was mostly modifying the demo content provided to us. In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a new page from scratch using the Elementor plugin. We will style this page to match the look of our website.
  • 10
    In this tutorial we will customize our Contact Us page and configure our contact form. The plugin we will be using to email use contact messages is WPForms.
  • 11
    WordPress, SEO
    With SiteGround hosting we get this additional 'SG Optimizer' plugin for WordPress which helps boost the loading speed of our website. This is a good bonus and we should definitely use it. In this video I'll show you how to configure that and also to ensure we have told search engines to index our website.

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