WordPress Basics video course

This series covers the fundamentals of WordPress. I will focus on teaching you the core aspects of WordPress itself, No Plugins, just WordPress.

WordPress Basics
  • 01
    WordPress, Create a Website
    This is an introduction to the WordPress Fundamentals video series. This series will consist of tutorials covering every aspect of base WordPress and teach you how to use WordPress as it was intended.
  • 02
    WordPress, Create a Website, Website Hosting, SiteGround
    Every website needs a website hosting account, WordPress itself is 100% free for you to use however website hosting isn't. Let's cover this in a little more detail.
  • 06
    WordPress, Create a Website
    The first step to learning how to use WordPress is to login to the administration dashboard, from here you can manage your entire WordPress Website.
  • 07
    WordPress, Create a Website
    When working on a WordPress website most of your interactions will be through the WordPress dashboard, which is often referred to as the admin side of WordPress or variations along those lines.
  • 08
    Let's take a look at the General Settings for your WordPress Website. These are important settings like Site Title, URL, User Registration, etc...

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